Gâteau Nantais


Our delicious family Gâteau Nantais,French specialties, subtle and refined pleasure of a melting sponge cake allied with a delicious almond and icing Caribbean rum. Your family Gâteau Nantais is shared during meals with family, ideal for receptions (baptism, communion). We recommend that you enjoy your family Gâteau Nantais with an exotic fruit salad and a glass of champagne.


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Gâteau Nantais

About 4/5 serving, 350g
Ingredients: sugar, eggs (17%), almonds (14%), butter (coloring: beta-carotene), rum (6%), wheat flour, glucose syrup, water, gelling agents: agar, pectin, acid, citric acid, preservative: E202, salt, coloring: E171.
The Gâteau Nantais was born in the eighteenth century in Nantes at the time of trade with the Caribbean (cane sugar, rum, vanilla…). This fine cake, soft biscuit covered with white icing rum was served by hostesses to their guests. The almond and rum, with the sponge cake, reveal a subtle soft and melting texture. We recommend you to taste it with vanilla or rum-grapes ice cream or exotic fruit salad and a glass of champagne for dessert or during family events (baptisms, weddings …). Ideal also for gourmet coffee and tea time.

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