Small Kouign Amann


In tray 4 cakes 280g

Kouign Amann meaning Butter Cake in Breton, is a traditional specialty of Brittany. Produced according to the traditional recipe and with the best ingredients, our Natural Kouign Amann will make you rediscover the authentic taste, thanks to its delicious caramelized puff. Heated 10 minutes at 150°, our Kouign Amann Biscuit d’Ys, will be better!

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Small Kouign Amann

Ingrédients: Wheat flour, butter 20% (colorant: beta carotene), sugar, water, yeast, salt, emulsifier: E471, enzymes (wheat). Manufactured in workshop using eggs and nuts.

Did you know?
Kouign Amann is a regional specialty of Douarnenez in Brittany. In Breton language, Kouign means “cake” and Amann “butter”. It is made from bread dough, covered with a butter-sugar mixture and then folded like a puff. While baking, the butter-sugar mixture melts, permeates the dough through the lamination to caramelize, which gives our Biscuit d’Ys Kouign Amann, a melting texture inside and crispy and caramelized outside. Ideal with ice scoop of vanilla or caramel. Our Kouign Amann is ideal during your coffee breaks, snacks and meals and family events.

1 tray of 4 small kouign Amann 70g

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