Almond shortcut pastry Biscuit


In tray 4 cakes.
Artisan Almond shortcut Galette is one of our latest creations from Breton pastry variation of the famous Gateau Breton.
Our Almond shortcut Galette is a successful marriage between tradition and creativity. Alliance of pure butter shortcut dough and almonds, to offer you a golden and melting greed.

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WOOCS 2.1.5

Conservation: about 1 month
Tasting Format: Tray 4 shortcut patties
Individual serving of 70g (280g)

Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter 22% (coloring: beta carotene), sugar, eggs, grated and sliced ??almonds (4.5%), salt, flavorings, raising agent (E450, E450i, E500ii, wheat starch )

With Far Breton with prunes and the Kouign Amann, the Gâteau Breton is one of the traditional desserts of Lower Brittany. It was launched in the 1860s and was eaten on the occasion of family celebrations and fest-noz. It was always made with salted butter. Diamond-shaped stripes are drawn on the top of the cake, so that every guest is served as a full diamond. The diamonds of the circumference of the cake were for the poor people.
The Gâteau Breton is always in the spotlight at the popular traditional festivities, “the Breton Pardons.” We recommend you to enjoy it with an ice scoop of vanilla or fruit salad during your coffee breaks, as a snack or dessert.

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