Biscuiterie d’Ys : local Brittany pastry


Biscuit d’Ys company

Biscuit d’Ys is a small artisan Brittany company composed of ten people.

Implication and expert know-how of all the actors of Biscuit d’Ys company are joined together with quality service, in order to always offer you more pleasure by tasting our wide range of pure Brittany butter specialties.

In order of authenticity we select our ingredients rigorously, and baked them with great care.

Subtile mixture of artisan knowledge and creative research in the aim to offer you new greedy recipes: our raspberry Kouign Amann, our amandine galette, and our wide selection of miniature bite-size: Mini Nantais, mini Kouign Amann, mini Madeleines …

We produce our traditional recipes with enthusiasm and greed and each member of the factory is involved in order to offer you the greediest cakes that meet your needs throughout the day.
The legend of the city of Ys

In the IV Century after Christ, lived the King Gradlon, King of Cornwall. He had a daughter named Dahut, to whom he could refuse nothing. He built her a city that seemed to come out of the waves: The city of Ys. The town, rising in the Bay of Douarnenez, became a place of feasting, games and dances. One morning, the devil comes to the city gates into the form of prince charming and seduced Dahut so she steals the keys of the city, clinging to his father’s neck. Taking advantage of King Gradlon’ sleep, she stole the keys to give them to the strange prince. Suddenly, waves as high as mountains collapsed over the city. The City of Ys was swallowed up forever and all the people were drowned. Only Gradlon was spared.
When the sea had retired, she gave way to two rivers that came together to the city of Quimper. King Gradlon decided to make here his capital and lived there until his death.
Today, the statue of Gradlon riding, rises between the two towers of the Cathedral of Saint-Corentin, towards the sunken city.
The legend has it that the city of Ys stood a few kilometers east of Douarnenez, the place called Poulvalid, in Breton Poul Dahut, which means “Dahut hole” and indicates where the princess was swallowed by the waves.
It is also said, in Breton, that the city of Ys was the nicest capital of the world and that Lutèce was called Paris, because by Ys in Breton means “similar to Ys” ….

The city of Ys, sunken city near Douarnenez, birthplace of Kouign Amann that we reported traditional recipe for this delicious caramel cake.

Learn more about Kouign Amann …

Our real Breton pure butter Kouign Amann, literally “butter cake” consisting of bread dough worked extensively to become puff pastry. Great classic of Brittany pastry. Between the layers of dough, the craft man of Ys lays generously butter and sugar. This provides a crisp and caramelized pastry.